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Sorrento, one of the most beautiful spot of Southern Italy, called the Pearl of the Gulf of Naples, the town in which was born Torquato Tasso, one of the 4 biggest poets of Italy and wrote The Jerusalem Delivered.

Its situated on a wonderful position between Naples and famous Isle of Capri and its a quite place to rest, surraunded by the lovely gardens of oranges and lemons and the clime is mid also during the winter time.

Sorrento, since the 16 th Century its famous for the local industry of the inlaid wood (marquetterie) made by different natural woods cut out and put togheter, its a wonderful patience work and mens specialized in this kind of works makes some real master pieces tables, pictures, boxes, etc... as well the very useful nest of 3 tables, coffee tables and game tables, that makes your house reacher looking and makes special gifts for your friends.

Our factory is one of the oldest in Sorrento, we have the priviledge to have the best workers and for this reason we can offer to our clientele the best things made in the finest craft manship.

We export all over the world.

Our products are of choisest quality and the wood is proprty cured and seasoned in order it cannot worp in the different climate.

Prices are for quantity, but we will be glad to give you the same price also if you buy one little box, we do this because we want that our old and new Customers and also to some of their friends that we have had not the priviledge to meet, have the chance of buying a little sample at a very modest price so they can see our superior quality.

So please buy also one little thing and after this you surely will become our Customer.

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